Basic Reference Check - $29.90
The “Basic” job reference check is the fundamental information of your employment history and accomplishments. It is recommended for individuals not in a management/ supervisor position or if you are asking us to contact an HR department.
Our Basic Reference Check report for job references includes:
  • Did you show up to work consistently?
  • Were you punctual?
  • Confirmation of your salary.
  • Verification of employment dates.
  • A brief summary and confirmation of position and title held.
  • Can you be hired again?
  • Your reason for leaving?
  • Will your former employer recommend you for another job?
  • An evaluation of what they say and how they say it.

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Professional Reference Check - $44.90

The “Professional” check is geared towards individuals who were in a management or supervisory role. In most cases we would recommend that we call your direct supervisor to get this information. We will go over all the items covered in the “Basic” reference check. In addition to all the “Basic” questions, we have a candid discussion about your accomplishments and some areas where you might need some improvement.
Our Professional Reference Check report for job references includes:
  • What you did on a daily basis.
  • A comprehensive inventory of your interpersonal skills and accomplishments.
  • Can you be recommended for a similar position?
  • Will your former employer recommend you for another job?
  • Can we be directed to another manager or peer who can discuss your abilities candidly?
  • We ask them to make a recommendation about you to your prospective employer. We will ask them, What will make you successful in your next role?
  • An evaluation of what they say and how they say it.

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Executive Reference Check - $69.00
The “Executive” check is the most comprehensive and complete discussion about your skills as a manager or supervisor. We include all of the information gathered on the “Basic” and “Professional” checks and...
Our Executive Reference Check report for job references includes:
  • What was the nature and length of their professional relationship to you?
  • What were your duties and responsibilities?
  • What was the reason for leaving?
  • What would you consider greatest strengths?
  • What are some areas of improvement? Do you have any noticeable weaknesses?
  • Tell us about the Quality and Quantity of their work.
  • Describe their Leadership and Managerial skills.
  • Describe their ability to communicate.
  • Describe the individual exhibit critical thinking and decision-making skills?
  • Describe the individuals budgeting and/or financial skills -If applicable.
  • Did the individual show an ability to attract and mentor the top talent in the organization?
  • An evaluation of what they say and how they say it.

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  • I worked for an IT solutions company for 4 years. Last year most of the sales staff was laid off. Things finally were picking up with more interviews. I was shocked to find out my old boss saying some really rotten things. I believe he didn't want to compete with me. Thanks for finding out for me.
    Darryl T., Cleveland, OH

  • My former supervisor never had anything nice to say about anyone. After getting the reference report, I notified the Human Resource department. I do not think he will be saying anything bad again, well, that is what the HR manager promised me. Thanks for confirming my suspicion.
    Dianna R., Ft. Myers, FL

  • My partner and I owned a daycare together. She bought my half and we parted on good terms. So I thought. I was shocked to hear what she was saying. I wouldn't have hired me either if any of what she said was true. We had a nice long talk and hopefully that won't happen again.
    Felicia R., Dallas, TX

  • I never knew a service like yours existed. My outplacement counselor suggested I find out what was being said about me. I am glad I listened to her.
    David W., Seattle, WA

  • I was so worried my old boss would say bad things. I was so relieved and happy to find out that he was giving me a good reference. Thank you,
    Alan M., Orlando, FL

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